Antivirus Security Boost Tool

Security First

Protect your phone with Antivirus Security Boost Tool

The best security solution for your Android cellphone or tablet, offering you free and great protection.
  • One Tap Protection
    For a faster protection
    With just one tap, you'll start your mobile scan. In a few seconds, you'll be protecting and cleaning your device.
  • Real-Time Scan
    Protect your device 24/7
    Browse safely with our application and keep safe from android viruses, with the real-time app scan!
  • One Tap Boost
    Boost your phone easily
    The best way to clean and optimize your phone, improving your memory usage! Boost your device, any time you need!
  • Application Manager
    More optimization options for you
    Manage all your apps and free space on your cellphone, with our application manager.
  • Lightweight
    Smooth & Light
    Antivirus Security Boost Tool is very lightweight, it won't be overloading your cellphone or tablet.
  • Forever Free
    Won't cost you a thing
    Experience all our awesome features and stay protected, forever free of charge!

Ensure your device safety with Antivirus Security Boost Tool!

Nowadays, it's so easy to get your Android infected with malicious files and virus...

Prevent this from happening with Antivirus Security Boost Tool astonishing features like:

  • Full System Scan
  • Cache Cleaner
  • Process Manager
  • Quick and real time app scan

Don't let your device get slower and run out of battery because of malicious apps. Stay protected!

Your device can be faster and protected! Install now, Antivirus Security Boost Tool!